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FR-980-ink color printing and continuous sealing machine

FR-980-ink color printing and continuous sealing machine

Products Description:
FRM-980 series ink round printing Word continuous sealing machine applies Yu any can hot seal material of sealing, used solid ink round printed colored label, distribution has applies Yu r type or t type arranged of dual-use
printing Word round, can printed r type 2 line 4th, Word (PT18), or 3 line 5th, Word (PT10.5), according to need also can configuration count device. FRM-980 there are a variety of models for selection:
FRM-980AI to horizontal, FRM-980AII for the vertical, FRM-980AIII floor. Technical characteristics of
1, climate control, adjustable temperature.
2, stepless adjustable.
3, ink printing clear, colors, instant print Instant dry, strong adhesion.
FRM-980 series solid-ink coding continuous band sealer machine suitable for small package sealing.

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