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Portable plastic sealing machine

Portable plastic sealing machine

technical data
    source: 220V/50Hz
    rate: 230W
weight     weight: 4.5kg
temperature    : 0-200 °
sealing speed: 3.3M/min
dimensions: 290 X94x160mm

principle and characteristics of
1, the sealing machine is mainly used for heating sealed polyolefin (such as polyethylene, polypropylene) composite film material for inner seal and plastic bags.
2 sealing, sealing compound thin films including cellophane, aluminum foil sealing, spraying aluminum coating and sealing, polyester, nylon seal sealing materials such as polyethylene, pp sealing sealing sealing.
3, film thickness, width of sealing are applicable in a certain range, are able to achieve a good and uniform straight seal.
4, large bags, pouches, bags, short kits can be continuous line type, access to satisfactory results.
5, this handheld sealer compact design, easy operation.

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