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Portable aluminum foil sealing machine

Portable aluminum foil sealing machine

sealing material is widely used and can be polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester and glass bottles, but not for the metal bottles and caps. The machine is compact and lightweight, easy to use, suitable for small batch production and laboratory work.

technology parameter
output power: 500W
work frequency: 100KHz
sealing diameter: ¢ 10-¢ 60 mm/¢ 10-¢ 80 mm
container height: unlimited
sealing speed: ¢ 35mm sealing time for 1 seconds around
time regulation: 2 bit LED digital displayed, 0.1-0.29 seconds
work standard: interval time control
power: single-phase AC 110V or 220V ± 50Hz ± 60Hz
: chassis 264x270x98 (length x width x height)
sensor head: ¢ 80mm, DIA 60mm
weight: 4Kg

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