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Hand an extra 700, 800, 900, 1000

Hand an extra 700, 800, 900, 1000

FS long-series hand pressure-sealing machine suitable for all kinds of plastic films, films and aluminum-plastic film sealing; can be widely used in food, souvenirs, candy, tea, medicine, metal industry, the shop is easy to use and most economical, family, factory sealed equipment.
3. use
this machine is not a power switch. Plug the AC power cable into the socket, according to the thickness of the material to be sealed, and adjust the heating time. The plastic on the sealing surface and press the handle, circuits that control the heating time. When the led is off, power is automatically disconnected. About 1-2 seconds, let go of the handles, sealing well.
in case sealing, seal broken, it is because the heating
If the seal is not strong, it is because the time is too short. Please rotate the knob in the clockwise direction, extending the heating time.
If the plastic bag stuck to the rubber platen, not enough cooling time stated, we must extend the cooling time after the led turns off. A little later let go of the handle.
after the heating time to adjust, should remain the same while in use. In continuous use without having to make any adjustments.
this machine can always plug in the power socket on the AC power line, not sealing without consuming electricity.
printing type sealing machine with type function, do not need to type, then the rubber plate, in turn, use.
/> considerations should always be kept clean sealing surfaces, avoid residues on the sealing surface oxidation and reduce heating and heat-resistant fabric of life.
do not use a wet cloth to clean the sealing surfaces.
If the heating pad below is damaged, it can cause a short circuit and damage the heating. So every time when replacing the heater, check the gaskets intact State. If damaged replace.
will need replacement cables should be used and has the same specifications of the downspout.
a long time after use, please check the rubber plate. Because the rubber plate damage will affect the quality seal.

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