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Hand aluminum 200 printer

Hand aluminum 200 printer

Products parameter:
applies range: plastic bags, and foil bags, and vacuum bags
model: SF-200
pulse power: 500 w
maximum seal received length: 200 mm
maximum seal received width: 8 mm
heating time: 0.2-1.5 seconds
this sealing machine applies Yu various plastic film of seal received, can widely application in food. candy. medicine. native products. chemical. electrical components, sector, It is factory. store. service industry using convenient economic affordable of best sealing equipment.
using method:
1. this machine without power switch. put Exchange power line insert 220V power socket, according to to seal received of material thickness, adjustment heating time. will plastic bags put in sealing surface Shang, then by Xia handles, circuit that control heating time. led out Shi, power that was automatically disconnect. about 1-2 seconds Hou, release handles, on seal received good has.
2. If seal received Shi seal received at appeared damaged, that is because heating time too long, please will knob to anti-clockwise direction rotating, shortened heating time.
3. If will plastic bags stick in rubber plate Shang, description cooling time enough, must extended led out Hou of cooling time, please slightly late is release handles
4. heating time adjustment good yihou, in using Shi should keep not variable. in continuous using Shi without again for any adjustment.
5. this machine can will power line always plug in power socket Shang, Does not consume power when unsealed.
6.SF200B,300B printing feature, if you do not need to print, then the rubber plate, in turn, use.

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