apply the principle of nearest service. Our products after the sale offer 5 services: telephone service, replacement parts service, CD technical support services, network services, customer repair services, home services, you can rest assured!

service concept:
customer-centric, dedicated customer service
a company's research and development, production, marketing, services must be based on customer satisfaction as the Center, the fundamental purpose of business is to create customer satisfaction

service standards:
the needs of customers is always right;
customer is God! Customers are our friends! Operation of the customer is our blood. Customer's satisfaction is our bounden duty.

service style:
shortcut quickly, and urgent customer by urgent
for customer provides full, and standardized, and full type of service, meet customer constantly improve enterprise continued development capacity of need

service target:
0 complaints, improve user satisfaction degrees
manufacturing provides of is tangible of products, after-sales service provides of is is intangible of labor; so, after-sales service of quality, is customer satisfaction of degree.