Shanghai xincheng sealing machine is located in a prosperous economy, transportation is convenient, is a design, manufacturing and sales of industrial manufacturers. Led products has series Electromagnetic induction foil sealing machine, and acting bottle machine, and sealing machine, and foil sealing machine, and plastic bags sealing machine, and automatically sealing machine, and vacuum sealing machine, and filling sealing machine, and plastic sealing machine liquid filling spin cover machine, and automatically liquid filling machine, and automatically quantitative number grain machine, and not dry rubber posted standard machine, and not dry rubber automatically label stripping machine, and really air adjustable preservation packaging machine, and vacuum packaging machine, and automatically printer, and colored printing Word marked machine, and semi-automatic strapping machine, and automatic strapping machine, and colored printing Word continuous sealing machine, and automatically origami machine, and Shrink packaging machine, Feng Qieji, conveyor and other products.
    factory in order to quality for Chom bung, the principle of good faith, the pursuit of brands, services and communication both for the business philosophy, coupled with comprehensive after-sales service, won the market, win the trust of foreign customers, products exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Taiwan and other regions.
    Haina, capacity is large. We welcome domestic and foreign friends from all circles to visit our factory to negotiate the exchange of, and seek common development.